The XRD is a widely used reaserch tool which is used to determine the crystalline composition and many crystalline properties of materials such as rocks and minerals, soils, metals, and ceramics. It is employed extensively for rapid identification of earth materials and crystalline phases in alloys, composites, and ceramics. 

We are a research and education service laboratory, specialising in X-ray diffraction facilities and technologies. We provide services to all researchers, students, institutes and industries within and outside of the University.

X-ray diffraction is a key technology to study the microstructures of molecular and crystalline materials and we provide professionally integrated X-ray diffraction services for investigation of all kind of minerals. 

We are an open laboratory, with XRD facilities and technologies accessible to all qualified researches and customers; also training courses are held to help individuals become qualified instrument operators. In addition, professional contact or consulting services are also available.